Top high adrenaline paths for Biking in New York City

  1. Central Park

Central Park drives provide cyclists with a relaxing ride, and it could be a workout, a very challenging one depending on person’s interest. There are many beautiful scenic views and hilly terrains.

  1. West Side Greenway Path

About 13 miles long this path is paved. This Greenway is the longest path in Manhattan, which runs along the West side that is precisely from Dyckman Street in the north to Battery Park in the south. It is the most heavily used bike paths in New York.

  1. Manhattan to Nyack

This track is around 44 miles round trip, with so many climbs and rolling hills. There is a beautiful view of the city from this track with so many gorgeous hills and stone walls and view of the river.

  1. Flywheel

Just in case if there is raining then this cycling route is the best option for New York people. This is the newest track made.

  1. Cunningham Park in Oakland Gardens, Queens

This site is ideal for the beginners. It is an extended trail of 6.5 miles; this route is divided into thirds, for beginners, intermediate and experts. This park also has a dirt jump park with a pump track that has several loops of mounds and berms. The track in the park can also be a bit challenging, as there are several quick and sharps turns present with a bumpy road. This is ideal for mountain biking.

  1. High Bridge Park in Washington Heights

This park is located on the Fort George Hill in Washington Heights, and the route is around 3 miles. This course is considered to be excellent for developing the practicing skills at every level of expertise. There is also a vertical elevation of 150 feet in that park, which is nowhere else seen in the New York City. This park has several varieties of loops; some are too steep and at some, one has to climb on a much more elevation. People also say that this is the only place in Manhattan where you can do off-road biking also.

  1. Wolfe’s Pond Park in Tottenville, State Island

The track in this park offers a trail of around 4 miles that are located around several ponds beaches. These have both the easy trails and challenging trails, both for beginners and the more advanced enthusiasts. The most remarkable part is that you can have your ride and after that you can side nearby the ocean. Some bikers also travel from this park to Conference House Park, which is located 3.5 miles away. Some area of this part is sandy and is under construction as it got damaged in the hurricane Sandy. 

  1. Brooklyn Bike Park in Williamsburg

This is meant for the first timers only, for the ones who want just to feel the biking experience in a very comfortable manner. This place is developed on the private property. BMX bikes are being rented and accordingly they’ve set their fare.

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