Top financial benefits of biking


First and foremost biking is a way cheaper option than driving. It is a known fact, Due to every day rising prices of fuel and cost of maintenance of cars, also the cost of owning a car is also increasing. By using bicycles instead of cars, one can save gallons of gas and creates less pollution.

If one drove to work with their cars then also they have to pay for parking rent that is quite high annually. Also, these vehicles consume many gallons of fuel. The cost of breaking down of cars is too much, but that of bicycles is quite cheap. So biking is like gaining a financial benefit and not costs too much on the pocket.

Best gym exercise:

Cycling is considered to be an excellent option to shed weight instantly without even spending amounts and finding time for the gym. One can lose 13 pounds in the first year itself if regularly cycling is done. Indeed, it is excellent for the health of the heart. Those who are having joint problems or those who are overweight, biking are a superb option. Cycling helps in accelerating breathing and heart rate thus stimulates the contraction of intestinal muscles simultaneously. So, there is no need to pay unnecessarily doctor’s fee and save money.

In cities like New York, which is full of traffic, cycling would help in getting faster. Biking also takes less time than riding your cars to reach the destination as you can take any cuts on the road.

Also, you can rent a bike, and there is no need to buy a one. In this city, rental bikes are there. So money is saved here as no need to purchase a car or a cycle.

Fresh air helps in keeping the body fit and fine. So all those who are public transport lovers and riders, they are at more risk to suffer respiratory diseases, also may have diseases caused by viruses.

Women are more susceptible to bone deterioration with increasing age, so they are more likely to sustain fractures hence they should participate in physical activities like biking. It has been found women who ride bikes regularly can reduce their hospital bills up to 90%.

Pollution is caused by motorbikes and cars in the city, fuel emissions are awful for lungs, so drivers are more susceptible to harmful air than cyclists. More pollution and toxic gases are inhaled through this pollution. This pollution is also detrimental to the environment and, therefore, causes several physical and emotional ailments in the human body and is also harmful to animals and plants.

It costs around 20 to 30 cents per mile just to operate an automobile. Plus if one add in paying for parking tolls, other expenses, also the cost of driving a car rises more and more. So riding a bike involves no gas, no insurance, no registration, no parking tolls and no taxes. It is an excellent means of low-cost transportation and good for everyone’s wallet.

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