Costs and Performances of popular bikes

Audi e-bike Wörthersee - high-end performance bicycle

By KGS, one means Kevin Saunders bicycle. This bike costs around $30,000.  This cost is almost equal to the price of a car. This bike provides comfort riding that is a must for a rider and this will add values to the buyer’s life. This is as costly as its features are as exclusive as Lamborghini.


It costs almost $40,788. This bike comes under luxurious bikes and it goes very fast. This is full of many characteristics. It is costly as it’s made up of carbon fibre and has unmatched ride quality compared with any other bikes.

  1. CANONDALE’S CAAD10 5 105

This bike is a high aluminium alternative that makes it smoother than most of the aluminium bikes also a little bit stiff but good in acceleration and comfort.  It has a frame with only 2.5 pounds that are lighter than any other carbon fibres. It costs around $1,730.


It offers exceptional handling in any areas including hilly areas or terrible muddy roads. On hilly areas, one can still feel the lightness while riding this bike. On the hills, you can still feel the lightness at the heart of the bike it costs approximately $2,600.


This is made up of strands of carbon fibres. This bike offers great comfort with great speed. Its performance is good for crushing tough climbs, fast sprints and gruelling miles and miles on a high speed. It costs around $3,150.

  1. PLANET X N2a SRAM Red

Planet X Company designed this bike in collaboration with Robert Billato. It is a very popular road bike. It is fit for unrivalled speed. It costs around $4,000.

  1. ORBEA BLi2

It is a quality bike ride with good performances in speed and acceleration and is suitable for super-fast biking and racing. It is made up of elastic carbon fibres.  There’s enough stiffness in its tyres for a perfect ride. Its fork blades can stand and soak up vibrations of the road.  It has a feature named as electronic shifting that provides high precision and quick gearshifts that are ideal for trekking and biking. It is a traditional road bike with handlebars positioned lowered and wheels close which allows quick handling.  The bike costs around $2,400.

  1. TREK DOMANE 6.9

A very famous road bike with race geometry, it is best for racing competitions and also comfortable riding position for long rides. This bike never compromises on the performance basis. It costs around $6,930.  It has impressive hydraulic disc brakes that are used very often when on high speed, huge tyre clearance that helps in producing immense cornering grip along with better drive on hills and on country roads, positioning is remarkably good for areas with crushed gravel and dirt roads, also has stable and versatile positioning.

  1. PINARELLO Dogma 65.1 Think 2

This bike is very smooth on rough pavements, also on irritating bumps it flattens out them while being firm. Its rate is $5,300.


This bike has improved performance in climbing, descending, and turning which is so smooth. It costs around $9,000.

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