Most popular bike models


Your bike take you from your starting point to the end point, yes we get it but what it feels like to ride these modern and expensive bikes? Since the evolution of bikes, we’ve seen so many changes in the pattern and technologies of the bikes. From aerodynamic body shapes of the bikes to electronic gear shifters and ultralight composite frames and obviously they all are faster than your old bike. So, let us have a look at them.

  1. Specialised Tarmac Mid Compact

This bike is meant mainly for winning races as it is very fast and has a quick acceleration. The design of this bike has been evolved from the models of the frame that have won many awards. The components of this bike are although are of a lower grade, ‘Shimao Sora’ parts were used to decrease the cost of this bike. This bike costs approximately $1,750.

  1. Bianchi Vertigo 105

If you are looking for more carbon in the frame of your bike and not willing to pay much, then this bike brings a complete package of looks and speeds for you. This bike sports a Vertigo 105 entry level carbon mount. This bike is manufactured in Italy. Also, this bike uses mid-tier Shimano 105 components. The design and geometry of this bike are streamlined and is near to perfect. This bike will cost you $ 2,000.

  1. Cannondale CAAD10 5 105

Nowadays people prefer carbon in their bike frame. But this bike sports an all-aluminium frame that is even lighter than the carbon frame. Also, the design ergonomics of the bike are better than any bike with a carbon frame. The components and the light weight due to aluminium make this bike fast. This bike is not much expensive as compared to other carbon fitted bikes. It costs $1,730.

  1. Giant Defy Advanced 1

Giant’s composite technology for the bikes is so much modern and innovative that they also make components for aircrafts and formula one car. The Defy Advanced 1 bike is formed by using carbon only and is made in-house. This also features more upright position while riding so that the rider will feel maximum comfort while riding. This bike is pretty expensive and will cost you $3,150.

  1. Planet X N2a SRAM Red

The chassis, ergonomics and the aerodynamics of N2a SRAM Red have been made in such a way by Planet that it can reach up to unrivalled speeds in a very less time. Also, the design and aerodynamics have been optimised using the aeronautics profiles. This bike is available for $4,000.

  1. Orbea BLI2

Rigidity summed up with the aerodynamics of the bike are the two major design factors on which the acceleration and speed of the bike are dependants. The BLI2 Orbea supports elastic carbon fibre in its frame and consumes minimal energy. Also, BLI2 have internal wiring giving the bike a cleaner and aesthetic look. This bike is available at $4200.

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