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According to the US cycling federation the races are divided in separate fields. There are various categories in which races take place i.e. from Cat1 (for amateurs) to Cat5 for beginners. Based on the placements, points are awarded to the participants. As you go on getting good points, you are also upgraded to the next category. This procedure takes 12 months of time period. The races that take place in New York are usually circuit races. Circuit races are the ones that comprises of multiple laps that surround a closed loop.

Typically, the fields are combined from Cat1 to Cat5 but there are separate fields for aged people (35 to 40 years of age) whether masters or women. Every field has its own placing and prizes. The longest distance range from 30+ to 50+ miles and for those fields are P1, P2, and P3. Time of the year and venue are two factors on which fields are filled. The limit is for maximum 110 riders. On such race fields, fast racing takes place. These races are very successful and a lot of field sprint races come down.

Different venues for race

There are many park races that comprise in NC calendar. This is simply because the places where races take place are parked. The park races where NYC races take place are three primary venues:

  1. Central Park (Manhattan):This is a 6-mile park where thousands of Manhattan-based cyclists come for weekday primary training. The loop in the race comprises of short power climbs and rolling terrain. On the east side is fast and flat closing at the top of the park with a quick descent. There is a Harlem Hill, a big ring climb which is about half a mile begins at the west and consists additional three rollers. The race at central park Manhattan takes place on weekends and all the traffic of the road is blocked for those two days. It starts at 6 to 6.30 AM and usually has 5 to 7 laps. There is no end time for the park. If you come to this park from The South then it is bordered by 60th street and if you come from the west side then it is Central Park West, from north 110th street and east Fifth Avenue. Once you enter the park you can get on the race drive from anywhere.
  1. Prospect Park (Brooklyn):This Park is about 3.4 miles long. It starts from the northeast Lincoln Road and ends to Ocean Avenue. The loop is big ring climb with the flat surface that first leads you too grand army plaza. After this, there is a downhill where you can speed up to 40 mph. the races are usually held on weekends, the traffic is closed and it begins from 6.30 am. You can reach the Park from Manhattan crossing over the Brooklyn Bridge.
  1. Floyd Bennett Field (Brooklyn):This field is also in Brooklyn. Although now it has become a municipal airport, so the races do not take place here anymore. This race course is about 2.3 miles long. This field is windy and flat along some bumpy tarmac. The races do not even take place for occasional weekends or events.

The name of the racing series are:

  1. The New York City Spring Bicycle Race Series.
  2.  The Cadence Cup is a series.
  3.  The New York Cycling Series.
  4. The Cadence Tuesday Night Race Series.

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Now you can enjoy your bike ride in the best parks of NYC.

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